Call for Proposals – New Book: Celebrating K-12 Aboriginal Education in BC

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  •  Feb 16, 2015. Proposal submissions due (500 words maximum). Note the type of article that will be submitted, include a description of the successful practice, policy, or curriculum topic, and outline its contribution to successful K-12 Aboriginal education. Include a short author(s) bio of 75 words and contact information.  Proposals will be reviewed.
  • March 2, 2015. Authors of successful proposals will be invited to develop a contribution for the book.
  • April 30, 2015. Book contributions due (5000 words maximum). Contributions will be reviewed.
  • May 30, 2015. Authors will be sent suggestions for revision.
  • July 17, 2015. Final version of contribution due.
  • Oct 1 2015. Publication ready for a launch


Progress is being made to include more Aboriginal content, perspectives, and approaches in public, independent, and First Nation kindergarten to grade 12 schools throughout British Columbia. Aboriginal education curriculum, pedagogy, and policy addresses the call to make schools and education more meaningful for all Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal learners, a recommendation made in major provincial and national reports over the years (Hawthorn 1967; Indian Control of Indian Education Policy 1972; Royal Commission on Education – Sullivan Report 1988; Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples 1996; the Canadian Association of Deans of Education Indigenous Education Accord 2010).

In British Columbia many educators, Aboriginal communities and organizations, school districts and schools, universities, and professional organizations have worked both separately and cooperatively to improve Aboriginal learning resources and approaches from kindergarten to grade 12. An example of innovative cooperation across grade levels and with many organizations is the development of the First Peoples Principles of Learning (2008). The time is right to share our stories of successes and challenges, to learn from one another, and to mobilize our understandings so that Aboriginal education thrives in the next decade. The time is right to celebrate our educational successes. In response, the BC Principals and Vice Principals Association (BCPVPA) is sponsoring the publication of a book, Celebrating K-12 Aboriginal Education in British Columbia: Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Policy Successes. The BCPVPA is working in partnership with the UBC Faculty of Education’s Indigenous Education Institute of Canada, the Associate Dean for Indigenous Education, and the Professorship in Indigenous Education for Teacher Education on this publication.


The editors, Drs. Jo-ann Archibald and Jan Hare, of the UBC Faculty of Education, invite submissions of 500 words (maximum) that address Aboriginal Education K-12 curriculum, pedagogy, and/or policy. We are particularly interested in stories, teaching exemplars, policy demonstrations, essays, and visual representations of success through experiences and/or research. Theory; rationale about the importance of including Aboriginal perspectives, content and approaches; innovations in curriculum; Aboriginal language; the development of teaching approaches and assessment; policy development; community partnerships; parent/family engagement; Aboriginal Enhancement Agreements; and professional development are examples of topics.

Contributions may address the following questions:

  1. What is working well? How do you know?
  2. What contributes to success?
  3. How have you overcome challenges?
  4. What is the impact of your project?
  5. What messages do you have for educators, parents, schools, professional educational associations, government, or teacher education programs?