Instructors & Staff

Staff Stories: Meet Jennifer Esmeria

May 24, 2024 

Meet Program Administrative Support Jennifer Esmeria: "Come see me when you need a Mom to talk to."

Staff Stories: Meet Kiana Olafson


Meet NITEP Teacher Tutor Kiana Olafson: "Sometimes with such a large university, it can be hard to feel connected. However, I feel like NITEP does such a great job at connecting students and staff and I love the sense of community that comes with that."

Staff Stories: Meet Natalie Simkin

Jan 25, 2023 

Meet NITEP Administrative Support Natalie Simkin: "The thing I like best about being part of the NITEP is that it's a family!"

Faculty Stories: Meet Marny Point

Nov 01, 2022 

Meet NITEP Lecturer Marny Point: "Our word in hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ is; “nəc̓a:mət ct = we are all one” we are all doing this together!"

Faculty Stories: Meet Dr. Shannon Leddy

Sep 13, 2022 

Meet Assistant Professor Dr. Shannon Leddy: "I wish to relate to [NITEP students], and I really wish to lift them all up. I wish for their success, and I'll keep working with them until we get there."

Faculty Stories: Meet Jennifer Anaquod

Aug 25, 2022 

Meet NITEP Lecturer Jennifer Anaquod: "I love everything I learn from the students, and I always tell the students back that I'm just there to help facilitate what they already know."

Staff Stories: Meet Alexis Okabe


Meet Indigenous Education Program Advisor Alexis Okabe: "I'm regularly inspired by NITEP students because I think that education students are uniquely warm, engaging, and excited about post-secondary education."

Faculty Stories: Meet Dr. Dustin Louie

Aug 18, 2022 

Meet NITEP Director and Professor Dr Dustin Louie: "I think the wealth of knowledge and the wealth of experiences that those students have shared with me over the last couple of weeks has been so inspirational and so exciting."

Faculty Stories: Meet Dr. Johanna Sam

Aug 04, 2022 

Meet Assistant Professor Dr. Johanna Sam: "I think the strategy to use in college or university is really maintaining balance. Have a balance between your work and personal life. Having a support system in place, having a schedule that fits you, and finding out what works for you."

Staff Stories: Meet Naomi Narcisse

Aug 03, 2022 

Meet NITEP Manager and OIE Manager Naomi Narcisse: "I am a regular student, a learner, and a teacher. I acknowledge Indigenous people are not the same, but we have similar barriers in education. I also had struggles in my learning journey. I am here to support learners as best as I can and to ensure that they are successful in their areas of study."