Program Policies and Guides

NITEP Absence Approval Request Form

NITEP Elementary Handbook
An overview of the NITEP Elementary option

NITEP Secondary Handbook
An overview of the NITEP Secondary option

Teacher Education Program Policies and Guidelines
Questions about registration, grading, or teacher candidate expectations? This comprehensive guide should help answer your questions.

Teacher Education Program Practicum + Community Field Experience Guidelines
Everything you need to know about your in-school teaching practicum and CFE. This guide includes information for teacher candidates, school advisors, and faculty advisors.

Interpretation of the BEd Pass/Fail Assessment

UBC’s Bachelor of Education program utilizes a pass/fail grading system for its mandatory education courses. Therefore, once you are in Years 4 and 5 of your professional component courses, you will be graded based upon a high standard of performance which constitutes a pass grade. Our standard for a Pass within the BEd program is equivalent to at least a B+ (76%) in UBC’s standard marking system.

When you graduate, you may require a letter from UBC explaining how your courses were graded. Visit the Teacher Education Office website for the official letter of explanation , written by the Associate Dean of Teacher Education, of the Pass/Fail system used for the courses in your BEd program.