Student Stories: Meet Kristy Pittman

September 20, 2022 | 3:19 pm

NITEP 4th Year Student Kristy Pittman: "I always wanted to be the teacher. I would find old books, like schoolbooks, in our house or at families’ houses- school books- and teach my sister math or different subjects, so that was really fun for me."

Student Stories: Meet Tuskonne Blais

July 19, 2022 | 3:00 pm

NITEP 4th Year Student Tuskonne Blais: "I think that the education system lacks Indigenous perspectives. For me, becoming an Educator and learning how to bring that into the classroom, it’ll allow for a better experience for Indigenous students. And I think it’ll help Indigenous students become more successful having those experiences."

Student Stories: Meet Bailey Johnson

November 17, 2021 | 10:33 pm

Bailey Johnson – 4th Year, Metis Bailey Johnson is Metis from Region 3 in the Okanagan Valley. Currently, Bailey is in 4th year NITEP with a special interest in social and emotional learning along with holistic teaching methods. A Guide on How to Teach Truth How many times have you been sitting in class and […]

Student Stories: Meet Dana Mack

August 12, 2021 | 9:25 am

Dana Mack – 3rd year, Nuxalk Nation What advice would you offer to a first year NITEP student? For 1st year students, “Don’t be so nervous, you got this”, and “follow the Instructor’s syllabus always, would not go wrong with that”. Share a highlight of NITEP: In Bella Coola field centre, we were fortunate to have […]

Student Stories: Meet Lia Rosemary Skiljaadee Jaada K’yaalts’ii

| 9:24 am

Nation: Haida, also of mixed European descent Unceded Coast Salish Territories, and Gaw Tlagee, Haida Gwaii What advice would you offer to a first year NITEP student? If you are not having to take online courses, make the most of being in program with amazing students who have indigenous ancestory and care about indigenous issues like […]