Student Stories: Meet Dana Mack

Dana Mack – 3rd year, Nuxalk Nation

What advice would you offer to a first year NITEP student? For 1st year students, “Don’t be so nervous, you got this”, and “follow the Instructor’s syllabus always, would not go wrong with that”.

Share a highlight of NITEP: In Bella Coola field centre, we were fortunate to have Indigenous course for our fall and spring semester which was amazing and a great opportunity for our learning process.

List any awards you have received: NIB Trust fund grant $2000.00 and Indspire Grant $1000.00


List any clubs/organizations you are involved with: none

What or who inspires you? Who inspires me, well, my cousin Kathleen Anderson, my unclePeter Tallio, and Auntie Beatrice Silver-Tallio, butI want to also say the students at Acwsalcta School, I want to educate myself to inspire them and do my best to help them or inspire them to finish their education.

What are some of your proudest achievements? Finishing my 3rd year of the NITEP program

Share your personal interests:

  • What is your favourite movie? Oh, favourite movie; well I really enjoyed Taika Waititi films. They are great.
  • What is your favourite exam trick? Go in with both feet, get it done, study, but rest when you need to. I like to tell myself that when I’m done schooling then I can do what I want to do.
  • What is your favourite study snack? Jarred half-smoked fish, my go to with crackers
  • What is your favourite book? lately, Suzanne Methot’s ‘Legacy’ great book, but I have many authors that I love to read; Richard Wagamese’s books, Eden Robinson’s Trickster series, anything written by Indigenous authors.

If you could invite anyone, living or dead, real or fictional, to dinner, who would it be? My family, all of them, being indigenous you would knowhow big that would be and how big that would be 🙂

Where do you see yourself in the future? Working at Acwsalcta school as a Certified Teacher Librarian

Any additional information you’d like to share: One more year until I have completed the NITEP program. I will do this and for those of yous tarting or working on the other years, you got this and you can do this, do not give up, when you feel like you want to please reach out to me and I will sit and chat with you. Good luck!