Mental Health and Wellness Program

NITEP 40th 032We value wellbeing.

The Mental Health and Wellness Program is here to support you. NITEP Wellness Peers and the Wellness Liaison are trained to offer relevant and culturally appropriate support to help NITEP students live well and achieve success.


Weekly Wellness Tips from your NITEP Wellness Peers

Cody’s Wellness Tip

Notice the here and now! Take a moment and try to ‘be’ in the moment – feel the sun and wind on your face and notice the air you breathe. It’s easy to get caught up in planning for the future or thinking about the past, instead of experiencing the present. Practise mindfulness; focus on being in the here and now. Make an effort to be aware of your inner and outer world. Life goes by so speedy fast and we sometimes get in the mode of acting as though we are on a conveyor belt and what our next move will be. Take your time and take a breath!

Bailey’s Wellness Tip

As the new year approaches and you begin to ponder some ideas for new year resolutions, don’t wait to begin your journey to self-improvement! The earlier you start working towards your goals the faster you will realize if your goals are attainable or not. You will also begin to develop habits that will assist in achieving your goals as you get further along in your journey. If you start working towards your new year’s resolutions as early as possible you will, in turn, be dialed in and be able to maintain and continue the positive habits you have formed by the time the new year begins.

NITEP Wellness Peers provide holistic support and promote wellness strategies and existing resources!

Meet your 2019 Wellness Peers

Wellness to me is diverse, and can mean different things to different individuals. During my current experiences as a certified yoga instructor, and an Indigenous collegia advisor (where I act as a resource for Indigenous students on campus), I have come to realize that wellness can be summarized in two words – balance and self-awareness. Wellbeing can also be divided into three sections: Mind, Body, and Spirit. In order to obtain optimal wellbeing, we must balance all three. It’s not about being perfect all the time, but about being aware of which area you need to improve upon, and being aware that it is subject to change as your wellness journey continues. My wellbeing is my foundation, and the reason I have been able to pursue many unique opportunities along my academic journey, find success, and believe in myself. I want to guide my peers to a better state of wellbeing, and assist them to gain tools that allow them to see a positive domino effect in all areas of their life, similar to what I have experienced.

Bailey Johnson

Wellness to me as a student is maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Having an understanding and an awareness of the actions I make and how they are going to ensure I live my best self. To me it all starts with your mental state; being honest with yourself and making conscious and rational decisions best fit for you (you know yourself better than anyone). Being vocal about health and your wellness issues is a very powerful thing and nothing to be ashamed about. My biggest goal is to always make people comfortable with their surroundings, especially in group environments. As humans, there will always be room for relatability and I like to display that we are all on the same playing field!

Cody Swain

More information about wellness and UBC resources can be found here: