Mental Health and Wellness Program

NITEP 40th 032NITEP recognizes that holistic wellbeing is an important factor in achieving and maintaining success as a student. 

The Mental Health and Wellness Program is meant to enhance the academic support that NITEP provides to our students.

NITEP Wellness Peers will provide holistic support and ensure that students are aware of resources through the Wellness Centre, Counselling Services, First Nations House of Learning, and many other resources on campus and at regional field centres.

The NITEP Assistant Director will mentor the Wellness Peers and act as a Wellness Liaison for other units across the university.

NITEP Wellness Peers help enhance student wellbeing by sharing evidence-based health information, and connecting NITEP students with wellness-related resources on and off campus. The NITEP Wellness Peers support students’ wellness by promoting culturally relevant, proactive, wellness strategies to students, so that they are able to achieve academic and personal success.

NITEP Wellness Peers and the Wellness Liaison are trained to offer relevant and culturally appropriate support to help NITEP students live well, and achieve success.

NITEP Wellness Peers:

“I believe that wellbeing and balance in our school life and personal life is very important.  The balance of daily life is sometimes very stressful as a student.  I have many life experiences that make me a great NITEP Wellness Peer…Wellness is an integral part of life and often we don’t realize the whole picture as students.”

Sara Louie, Year 3

Musqueam First Nation

“Wellness to me, as a student, means a balance in all four important aspects of my life; spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.  In my first year of university, I had a really hard time with my wellbeing.  I was stressed about school and being away from the reserve for the first time…I am really excited about this role and I really think that this is my chance to help people that are in the same position I was.”

Sydney Roberts, Year 2

Weiwaikum First Nation

More information about wellness and UBC resources can be found here: