Pathway to NITEP


NITEP can partner with your School/District to deliver a Pathway to NITEP Program for students who want to become teachers.  This program will increase the post-secondary opportunities for high school students, build your faculty of qualified Aboriginal teachers, and create professional development opportunities for students, faculty and staff.  If you are interested in the Pathway to NITEP Program, contact

NITEP Admission Requirements for Students Entering from High School

Grade 11NITEP ORTN 2013 353

  • English 11
  • Mathematics 11*
  • Civic/Social Studies 11 OR First Nation Studies 12
  • Approved Science 11
  • Approved Language 11

*Pre-Calculus 11, Principles of Math 11, or Foundations of Math 12

Grade 12

  • English 12 or English 12 First Peoples
  • Three additional approved Grade 12 course



The following courses/options can be part of the Pathway to NITEP Program to enhance the students’ experience and admissibility to NITEP:

  • NITEP Indigenous Studies & Education Online Course (EDUC 140, 3 credits)
  • Aboriginal Leadership course (school/district locally developed course)
  • Work Experience 12 placement in a classroom setting (school/district)
  • First Nation Studies 12 and/or English 12 First Peoples (strongly recommended)
  • NITEP Student Gathering at UBC Vancouver campus (annual event each September with NITEP students and guest speakers)
  • Mentorship support with NITEP and/or Indigenous graduate students (SAGE), once per month or bi-monthly
  • Financial and personal planning (NITEP mentoring)
  • University application, bursary and scholarship writing (NITEP mentoring)

Staff can also participate in monthly sessions (technology, learning services, Aboriginal education, early learning, etc.) as part of professional development


Sample Pathway to NITEP Program

Grade 11 Throughout the Year
English 11 Attend NITEP Student GatheringMentorship support via NITEP/SAGEFinancial and personal planning
Pre-Calculus 11
First Nation Studies 12
Science 11
Language 11
Grade 12 
English 12 First Peoples Attend NITEP Student GatheringMentorship support via NITEP/SAGEFinancial and personal planningUniversity application, bursary and scholarship writing
3 Approved Grade 12 Courses
Aboriginal Leadership 12
Work Experience 12 (in classroom setting)
UBC NITEP Indigenous Education Online Course (3 credits)


FNLH 2012 Grad 445











See: for more information about approved courses and admission requirements.