Ayla Brown, Year 2 NITEP Teacher Candidate

Imagine you are a Grade 8 student who has a passion for learning. You love your classes and your teachers. You dream of attending college and becoming a nurse. At the end of grade 8 you’re shocked to hear your education is over and you are to return to your village. This is my grandmother Elsie Robinson’s story. She attended Indian Residential School until she finished Grade 8, after which she was forbidden to continue. This obstacle was nothing in the face of my grandmother’s passion for learning. She was a ferocious reader throughout her life. She conquered books on subjects from physics to religion and would gladly discuss anything with anyone. If she wanted to learn about something she did. Her sense of inquiry lead to a vast knowledge base. She was always looking for the lesson in everything.

Always one to pass on the lesson, she would always talk to her grandchildren about how much she wanted to go on studying and how she dreamed of becoming a nurse. This story became a lesson on the importance of staying in school and not taking our education for granted. Her passion for learning, and determination inspires me everyday. Her willingness to share her knowledge with every one who crossed her path led me to education and NITEP. I know she’s in the universe somewhere still learning and teaching, always with her huge smile.

Ayla Brown
Year 2, NITEP Teacher Candidate

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