Kye Smith, Year 4 NITEP Teacher Candidate

IMG_2571My completion of a four-year degree would not be possible without the support of this program.  As a student within the NITEP program, my experience has been one of inclusiveness, equity, and understanding.  The faculty, students, and alumni form more than a program.  They form a family.

My family is an integral part of who I am as an Indigenous student and who I am as an Indigenous educator…My NITEP family recognized me as a holistic student.  NITEP has always been structured in a holistic way that recognizes students as whole people.  When I needed support because of a family issue, I was not left on my own, I was lifted up.

The program functions this way on many levels. Whenever I have had an issue with registration, funding or even just feelings of isolation on campus, my program coordinators, program assistant directors and TEO liaisons have always been there for me as advocates and support systems.

– excerpt from letter Kye provided in support of NITEP’s recommendation for the Alfred Scow Award.  Portions have been edited.