September 12, 2022: Explore the UBC Learning Technology Ecosystem – Learn about the services and learning technologies available at UBC to improve your academic experience!

Ximopanolti! Welcome, NITEPers! Today we start a new academic year where many of us will be learning remotely or enrolled in online courses. As you adapt to online ways of learning, remember to be patient with yourself as technology offers many advantages but also occasional setbacks, like figuring out how new applications work or troubleshooting technical issues. This week we explore the UBC Learning Technology Ecosystem to help you set up technology, learn effectively online, find the digital platforms used at UBC and get support no matter how online courses are presented.

NITEP Alumni and Lecturer, Marny Point

Each online course space at UBC may look different, even within the same faculty, school, or department. These differences exist because your instructors are using the best tools for teaching in each course. UBC’s Keep Learning website shares student resources to help you learn well online. You can find information about getting set up at home, learning effectively away from campus, and understanding the key technologies used at UBC. The resources provided on the website may be especially helpful if there are sudden disruptions to on-campus teaching and learning.  The Keep Learning website also features tried and tested tips that can help you navigate your online learning experience successfully. No matter where you are participating in your courses, we want you to have a positive UBC experience. Be well and keep learning!

The Learning Technology Hub (also known as the LT Hub) has supported the creation of the Keep Learning website. The LT Hub is a central resource where students can explore the learning technology tools available to them at UBC—for use in traditional classrooms, blended courses, and fully online learning. This LT Hub website can help you find effective tools for your learning, access how-to instructions and tips in the tool guides for centrally supported tools (including Canvas), learn how to get support, and understand key initiatives related to learning with technology at UBC. As many learning technologies are available at UBC to support online learning, they have developed UBC student tool guides to find instructions and tips for using the most common technologies in your courses.

The Educational Technology Support (ETS) unit supports the design, development and deployment of innovative teaching practices in the Faculty of Education. ETS is a hub of innovation and creativity, and is here to help create engaging learning experiences for students. They do this by supporting the implemenation of  new learning technologies isnide curriculum and instructional design. Their goal is to enable quality instruction in classroom, blended, and distance modalities, and they  offer workshops and training focused on technology-enhanced teaching and learning. The following orientation workshop for new Faculty of Education students explored the services and learning technologies available at UBC. They look into how technology can be used to improve your learning experience, and how to find support if you need it!

Finally, remember that to support your learning, it’s important to be kind to yourself. Making time to look after all aspects of yourself and your life will help you concentrate and succeed more in your courses. At times throughout the academic year, you may experience fear, stress, and worry—all natural feelings when facing situations that feel beyond your control. Trying to stay balanced and expressing emotions are key parts of maintaining good mental health. Wellness is a broad term that can sound impossible to tackle all at once. But like anything, finding places to go for support and advice can help, as well as breaking this abstract idea down into concrete action steps. To be introduced to the programs and services available to you at UBC and beyond to support your health and wellbeing and learn how to access programs and services and to be proactive about maintaining your health, you can enrol in the Navigating Your Health and Wellbeing at UBC and Beyond Canvas course