Student Stories: Meet Kiana Olafson

Kiana Olafson, Year 2

2nd Year NITEP
Nation: Metis

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Kiana Olafson and I am Metis and grew up in Cultus Lake, British Columbia. I am currently in my third year of the Indigenous Teacher Education Program on the Vancouver campus.

Why did you wish to become an educator?

I want to be a teacher so that I can share my experiences and stories with my students in hopes that they will become inspired to learn more about the things that make them passionate.

Why do you value Indigenous education?

Growing up with parents and grandparents as teachers, I have always been very interested in education. From my experience in public education, I had always enjoyed going to school and felt very excited to learn. However, I did notice a lack of Indigenous education being taught in the schools that I attended. After learning about NITEP, I got inspired to become an educator in order to introduce more Indigenous education into contemporary learning environments and encourage students to learn, share, and ask questions about the histories and rich cultures of Indigenous peoples.

What does NITEP mean to you?

To me, NITEP is all about community. Ever since entering this program, I have constantly felt supported by my peers, professors, and the program staff. I have also had the opportunity to build connections and relationships that will last long after I leave NITEP and begin teaching. I am so lucky to be able to study in a program that welcomes my ideas and values and allows me to learn from the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of my classmates. I am very excited to continue this learning as I finish my degree and begin my career as an educator.