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Please note that all communication and interactions with the NITEP Office, Teacher Education Office and Faculty of Education are considered part of the admissions process and are taken into account when considering applicants for admission. Admission may be denied to applicants who communicate in an unprofessional manner or who act in an inappropriate manner during the admissions process, regardless of academic standing.

Applicants to NITEP do not have to provide a certificate of Indian Status, Inuit or Metis Card.
We require self-identified Aboriginal ancestry. NITEP recommends applicants for admission to the Faculty of Education.

NITEP is a five-year concurrent program with similar requirements for both liberal education and pedagogical preparation to those prescribed for students in the Elementary & Middle Years and Secondary 11-month options. Although the program is designed for five years, many students choose to complete the requirements in less time. Up to 12 credits may normally be completed during a summer session.

Getting Started

Applicants can apply using our paper-based application.
Transferring from another institution? You can also apply online.

Applicants must also submit the following required documents:

  1. All official transcripts (high school and post–secondary)
  2. Two confidential reference report forms
Additional information on submitting transcripts and references is provided on the Teacher Education Office website.

Mail transcripts:

Indigenous Teacher Education Program (NITEP)
Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia
303 – 2125 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
Contact the NITEP Field Centre Coordinator in your area.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed nor assessed. When all documents have been received, NITEP faculty screen the candidates. Qualified candidates are presented to the Faculty of Education. Successful candidates are notified by letter and are asked to contact the appropriate centre coordinator. Candidates who do not meet the admission requirements at the time of their application will be encouraged to upgrade their academics.