NITEP Centres Bella Coola

Photo Credit: Nuxalk College

The Bella Coola NITEP field centre opened in September 2018 for the 2018/19 Academic Year.

Students at the Bella Coola field centre are registered in two institutions at the same time: UBC and Nuxalk College (courses offered through NVIT, TRU, NIC and other institutions).

Students enroll at Nuxalk College to complete arts and/or science courses that relate to elementary or secondary school subjects. Students also enroll in UBC Education courses and educational field placements.

After completing the required courses at the Bella Coola centre, students may transfer to the UBC Vancouver campus to complete the remaining years of their BEd degree requirements.

For more information on Nuxalk College, please visit Nuxalk College.

Coordinator – Bella Coola Field Centre:

Holly Poell