April 03, 2023: GENESKOOL develops educational resources about scientific complex topics in new and interesting ways!

Interested in an opportunity to explore life science concepts in an innovative and fun way? Genome BC Geneskool offers digital educational resources and hands-on activities to allow students to transfer scientific knowledge into real-life situations. Geneskool is the educational outreach program of Genome British Columbia which looks to help students become future scientists. Geneskool is able to provide genetics/genomics-themed workshops and resources tailored towards teachers, completely free of charge and aligned with BC Curriculum standards. This week in the mentoring circle, we highlight some of the fascinating educational resources Geneskool has to offer.

Genomics is one of the most rapidly advancing areas of science with research providing solutions to a vast number of global challenges, including environmental issues and health diseases. Genome BC supports teachers by giving them tools that align with the BC curriculum to help to teach students about scientific complex topics in new and interesting ways. Geneskool provides a variety of digital resources and hands-on programs for students in grades 9 through 12 that make learning about genomics fun. They have a gallery of workshops, hands-on activities and case studies inspired by curiosity and wonder. Learn about what inspires Genome BC in the following video.

The digital resources that Geneskool offers are interactive activities that embrace the wonder and curiosity of students to discover new developments in science and the current applications of genomics. The educational resources can be incorporated into your lesson plans as they align with the BC Curriculum. Visit Geneskool Online Resources for more information. They also lend Travelling Suitcase Exhibits! You can use these exhibition kits to complement your lesson plans. Geneskool couriers everything free of charge to schools all across the province! There is a variety of topics to choose from and each exhibit complements the BC Science K–9 Curriculum, as well as the BC Draft Science 10–12 Curriculum. Visit Geneskool Travelling Suitcase Exhibits to learn more about them.

Genetics can also be part of the elementary curriculum, many educators hesitate at first and think that complex understandings of science are too advanced for elementary students, but kids find it just as fascinating as we do and that spark can ignite much more in their learning. Geneskool makes it easy to understand the complexity of genetics and genomics. Genomics is a fascinating branch of science but one that is sometimes tricky to understand. In the following video, begin to unpack five myths or misperceptions some people have about genomics. For starters, did you know that genetics and genomics are not the same thing? Go here to debunk 5 Myths about Genomics

Geneskool inspires the next generation of students to be passionate about science, learning and contributing to community. With their educational resources, students connect to the scientific community through their own experiences and enhance their curiosity and appreciation for the natural world. In celebration of Genome BC’s 20th anniversary, they are proud to present 20 cool facts about Genomics! Ever wondered why some men have red beards but blonde head hair? Or why do some scientists collect whale snot? Perhaps you’ve wondered how bacteria can be helpful to humans. Well, genomics plays a role in all of these things, and much more! Learn 20 cool genomics facts in the following video.