MARCH 02, 2020: You Can Amplify Student Voice! Engage and empower every voice in your classroom or community by recording and sharing short, awesome videos together… with Flipgrid! 

Flipgrid is a free online video platform that offers students a place where they can share and reflect on ideas with other students and with their teachers. Flipgrid provides the perfect space for students to take part in classroom discussions and to share their thoughts and to hear their classmates’ ideas. It is easy to use for teachers and students. Teachers post topics to initiate the conversation and students respond with short videos. Students join Flipgrid with a code provided by the teacher without the need for them to remember user names and passwords. Projects can be password protected to comply with schools regulations and to deal with any privacy concerns.

With this app, learners can reflect, discuss and showcase what they are learning by creating short video responses to a question, topic, or comment. Educators create online meeting places, called Grids where students can join and post short video responses to topics set by the teacher. Depending on the settings set by the teacher, students can like each other’s videos, reply video-to-video, and upload their own. Flipgrid has a disco library that contains fabulous pre-made designs to help set everything up. Educators even have the ability to invite parents and community to view or participate in the Grid.

Flipgrid is a social learning application that engages and empowers student voices in the classroom. This digital platform is accessible on any device, but the mobile apps are particularly well-designed and easy to use. The social style of the app also taps into the digital culture that students are already well versed in, which helps to engage students by connecting to dynamic experiences. Flipgrid is an inclusive and accessible platform. Now, with every new Grid you create, closed captioning and transcripts are automatically activated. With styles, text, emoji, live inking, whiteboard/blackboard mode, segments, and more, creating a compelling and enriching story is simple, powerful, and fun!

Empower learners with Immersive Reader in Flipgrid! All students have an equal voice, students need to share their thoughts, opinions, reflections, and ideas. But for many learners, it is challenging to share their voice when they have trouble reading. Enter Immersive Reader, now built into Flipgrid. It brings powerful, proven techniques to improve reading and writing for learners, regardless of their age or ability. Whether a learner is dyslexic, an early or struggling reader, an ELL student, or simply needs a little assistance, it makes reading and understanding easier.

Within Flipgrid Topics, Immersive Reader can:

    • Read text aloud
    • Change text size, font, spacing, and color
    • Highlight parts of speech
    • Break words into syllables
    • Provide line focus
    • Improve word understanding with picture dictionary

Engage, empower, amplify, and foster your supportive learning community. Using Flipgrid, students can then share their ideas, stories and work with the teacher and their classmates. It has the ability to create a rubric for the purpose of guiding student responses. With this functionality, students can see exactly what the teacher is looking for and it allows the teacher to input scores as they are watching the student’s video response. Teachers can also respond with feedback by text or video to further enhance student learning. Explore just how easy it is for you to add timely, meaningful and private feedback to your students’ video!