More Spaces Available for Teachers in Training

The Ministry of Education is providing $831,000 in one-time funding to four of BC’s public post-secondary institutions to increase the number of available teacher training spaces. These spaces will support the development of specific teaching skills that are in immediate high demand in BC.

$571,000 will be used to create 107 new spaces in specialty teacher education programs over the next two years.

UBC Teacher Education Program

  • 20 new spaces – secondary math and physics – intake starts September 2018
  • 20 new spaces – French immersion – intake starts September 2018
  • Total funding: $240,000

The remaining $260,000 will be used to increase the number of Indigenous teachers throughout BC.

UBC NITEP (Indigenous Teacher Education Program)

  • Indigenous teacher education – curriculum development
  • Indigenous teacher education – piloting of community-based delivery for existing students
  • Total funding: $210,000
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