November 12, 2019: GENESKOOL: Scientific complex topics in new and interesting ways 

Interested in an opportunity to explore life science concepts in an innovative and fun way? Genome BC Geneskool offers digital resources and hands-on activities to allow students to transfer scientific knowledge into real-life situations. Geneskool is the educational outreach program of Genome British Columbia looking to help future scientists, they are able to provide genetics/genomics-themed workshops and resources tailored towards teachers, completely free of charge and aligned with BC Curriculum standards. For more details visit Geneskool 

Genomics is one of the most rapidly advancing areas of science with research providing solutions to a vast number of global challenges, including environmental issues and health diseases. Genome BC supports teachers by giving them tools that not only align with the BC curriculum but also help to teach students about scientific complex topics in new and interesting ways. Geneskool provides a variety of digital resources and hands-on programs for students in grades 8 through 12 that make learning about genomics fun.



The digital resources that Geneskool offers are interactive activities that embrace the wonder, curiosity, and imagination of students to discover new developments of science and the current applications of genomics. Explore these resources and incorporate them into your lesson plans. Visit Geneskool Hands-on Activities for more information.

There are also Travelling Suitcase Exhibits! You can use these exhibition kits to complement your lesson plans. Geneskool couriers everything free of charge to schools all across the province! There is a variety of topics to choose from and each exhibit complements the BC Science K–9 Curriculum, as well as the BC Draft Science 10–12 Curriculum. Visit Geneskool Travelling Suitcase Exhibits to learn more about them.


Genetics can also be part of the elementary curriculum, I understand that your first reaction could be of surprise, it does seem a bit advanced for elementary students. But kids find it just as fascinating as we do and that spark can ignite much more in their learning. You can start to teach genetics with a fun video on the Basics of inheritance and traits and one on DNA and genes from the University of Utah. Kids love the block people featured in the videos, and the explanations are easy to follow. A TED-Ed video from Hortensia Jiménez Díaz titled “How Mendel’s Pea Plants Help Us Understand Genetics” explains, in a fun way, how traits are pass down from generation to generation and how we inherit those combinations to become who we are. Watch below!