November 25, 2019: Dive into Deep Learning: Schools open their doors to show how they navigate through deeper learning.

The complex issues we face today require a key set of problem-solving skills. How can schools best prepare students to be ready to take on these challenges? Implementing the ideas of deep learning can solve this question. Deep Learning is an inquiry-based approach that can be defined as engaged learning with meaningful work in ways that are relevant to the student’s context. Deep Learning is implemented through the process of acquiring six Global Competencies (6C’s): Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. Glashan Public School, one of the oldest schools in Ottawa, opens its doors to show their journey implementing deep learning. The following video shows deep learning through the powerful blanket exercise. Jump to 12:46 to watch it!

The Blanket Exercise is an activity that “can bring humanity back into learning.” It is a perfect example of deep learning inside the classroom by providing a high-quality experience for students, in which they absorb real learning in context with a critical eye. The Blanket Exercise is a workshop developed by Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers and educators. A unique lesson that, as you saw in the video, took students through Canadian history from an indigenous point of view. It provided students an alternate parallel history from a different perspective, which is not often told. It also gave students the opportunity to further understand the importance of reconciliation, making their learning even more holistic. For additional information about the Blanket Exercise program please visit: Kairos Blanket Exercise

Deep Learning aims for a quality education that sticks for life. It tries to provide the skills and attributes needed for learners to flourish as citizens of the world. When learners are immersed in the 6C’s, they learn much more, and this learning contributes to their own futures and often to the betterment of their communities. Deeper learning competencies are designed to fully engage students with meaningful work in ways that are relevant to them. Engaging students in deeper level learning means proving the skills and attributes to be creative, critical thinking citizens with character that successfully collaborate and are connected in our increasingly changing world. For more deep learning resources please visit: New Pedagogies For Deep Learning

In a Deep Learning classroom, you will see students who are voraciously curious and who constantly ask questions to their inquiries. There is a constant exchange of ideas as students move towards solving problems together and investigating new concepts that make sense to their place in the world. Everyone becomes highly focused when learning is contextualized and when students are able to articulate what they are doing and why. We want students to lose track of time because the task-at-hand is so engaging and their imagination and interest have been captured. Through the deeper learning skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and metacognition we can help shape citizens with character that can positively impact our world. Wooranna Park School in Melbourne, Australia opens its doors to shows us how students and teachers “Search for Deep Learning”, watch below!

To watch another Deep Learning activity from Glashan Public School, please click here: Glashan’s Amazing Race. Next week, I will be sharing an incredible science project that involves deeper learning, one that Glashan uses as well. Come back to the mentoring corner to find what it is!