September 08, 2020: Indigenous educators have created valuable digital resources for students to access Indigenous education while learning online.

Ximopanolti! Welcome, NITEPers! Today we start a new academic year where many of us will be learning remotely and it is going to be quite a unique experience. As we continue to adapt to new ways of learning, be patient with yourself. Technology offers many advantages but also occasional setbacks, like figuring out how new applications work or troubleshooting technical issues. Everything may take a little longer, especially in the beginning. That being said, this week we will feature valuable Indigenous digital resources to strengthen our knowledge and methods for connection during this particular time of uncertainty.

Indigenous educators across Turtle Island have come together to provide digital learning opportunities for everyone. Think Indigenous – Online Indigenous Education has created a platform for students to continue to access Indigenous education from their home.  They have invited Indigenous educators, elders and knowledge keepers to share knowledge with students during this pandemic. During the summer break they offered the series Lunchtime Decolonization with Indigenous special guests like Neyonawak Inniniwak scholar Alex Wilson, Cree filmmaker Tasha Hubbard and Mi’kmaw educator Marie Battiste (watch below). Visit their Facebook page @ThinkIndigenousOnlineEd to get a hold of all their wonderful resources.

Dr. Marie Battiste has also advised a visually stunning audio narrated resource for learning about Indigenous knowledges from five diverse First Nations in Canada called FourDirectionsTeachings. The goal of the project is to create an engaging website where people can experience Indigenous knowledges and philosophy and where educators can incorporate the site into their curriculum. FourDirectionsTeachings honours oral traditions by creating an environment where visitors are encouraged to listen with intent as each elder/ traditional teacher shares a teaching from their perspective on the richness and value of cultural traditions from their nation. Visit FourDirectionsTeachings to learn more about the beautiful project.

Languages are the key to our cultures. FirstVoices is a suite of web-based tools and services designed to support Indigenous people engaged in language archiving, language teaching and culture revitalization. FirstVoices provides a set of open-source software designed to record and promote Indigenous oral culture and revitalize the linguistic history of Indigenous peoples. FirstVoices is an initiative of the First Peoples’ Cultural Council, their goal is to help Indigenous languages succeed and promote diversity of Indigenous languages and culture. Importantly, Indigenous nations retain ownership of content created by them for use on their community site. Head to FirstVoices or download their app to start your learning journey.

K.I.N.- Knowledge in Indigenous Networks hosted the webinar series: Accessing Deep Indigenous Knowing Amidst Covid-19. The purpose of the webinar speaker series is to facilitate online space to hear Indigenous speakers. It provides an opportunity for us as an Indigenous global community to reflect on questions arising within our networks of family, and community. This webinar series is a place for sense-making and generative dialogue amidst an environment where people around the world are questioning “What kind of changes are taking place?” A common thread that came through the series are questions around “how do we become, or continue to be good ancestors?” and related questions about our continued commitment as Indigenous peoples to uphold ancestral knowledge for future generations. Watch below the session: Native Science And A New World with Professor Gregory Cajete.