Dave Robinson, Year 1 NITEP Teacher Candidate

My name is Dave Robinson. I am Algonquin from the Timiskaming First Nation in northwestern Quebec. I was born in Windsor, Ontario and have lived in various cities both in BC and Ontario. Growing up as a youth I played hockey at the Junior B level finishing my hockey days playing for the Sarnia Blast. As a boxer I competed in 88 amateur boxing matches, winning titles at the provincial and international levels. In 2003 after a second round stoppage at the Finland World Championships I began coaching. I continued to box until 2012 retiring as the BC Combsport Champion.

Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson

In 2007, I wrote a poem while training for the Nationals at the River Rock Casino in Richmond BC. It was an uphill battle training for this competition due to the financial necessities of owning a landscaping business with my brother. We both worked seven days a week and trained together at the Astoria Boxing Club. One day a job came and a single tree provided the finances we needed to take a week off for training. After finishing with a bronze medal I wrote this poem that represented my life at that point.

Earth will open the lids of eyes to see that strength is the soul that bears a weight of burden.
In rings our life will fight to experience knowledge as a leaf finding light for roots to grow.
In rings our life will fight for passion. In rings our life will fight for knowledge.

Two five-foot sections of the tree were saved and one is being used for training the boxers that I coach. Using a dremel, I engraved the poem on the log. I carved the other log into a sculpture just this past summer. It is an honour to be attending the NITEP program working towards a future where the fight is academic. I am in the Elementary option at NITEP working towards a major in First Nations Education. I believe that my experiences will inspire future youth from all walks of life to believe in their goals. My goal is to teach future generations that goal setting doesn’t end in a pass or fail. I like to think that my experiences will inspire future youth to imagine that their passions are relevant.

Dave Robinson
Year 1, NITEP Teacher Candidate